Sophia Grace A Very Special Christmas


Sophia Grace


Pretty babe Sophia Grace came over to visit her home on Christmas day. She is wearing a white shirt and tattered jeans. She finds out that her step-dad hurt his back and is all alone on the holiday. Sophia feels pity towards her step-father. She decided to make today’s Christmas worth remembering. She takes off her clothes, revealing her black bra and panties. Sophia sucks her step-dad’s dick like a lollipop. She tries to fit the whole shaft into her tiny mouth. She removes her bra and panties, exposing her perky tits and plump pussy. Sophia continues to suck his dick before riding on top of him. The two fuck in a cowgirl position. She spreads her legs wide to make her pussy more visible. Her stretched-out cunt is completely exposed. Her pussy is visibly tightening around his hard cock. Her step-dad turns her around. They fuck in a reverse cowgirl position for a while before changing to doggystyle. Sophia’s step-daddy fucks her brain out from behind. She looks at him with eyes that look like she is begging for more. Her step-daddy noticed her eyes. Due to this, he makes every thrust of his penis deeper and faster. She can now feel her step-dad cock dig deeper into her tiny cunt. The two change their position again. They are now having sex in missionary position. They try to maximize the little space on and around the couch. Sophia rubs her clitoris while her step-father is busy pounding her pussy. She can’t do anything but moan and curse as she cums on his cock. Her moans are starting to fill up the room. When he feels like he is about to cum, he pulls out his hard dick from her pussy. He strokes his cock in front of her before shooting his warm cum to her pretty baby. Sophia catches her breath. The exhaustion from cumming multiple times made her breathless.


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