Sophia Grace Needs Allowance


Sophia Grace


So, our step daughter, Sophia Grace, needs her money to go out with her friends. Being a reasonable step dad, her offers money for some services. He started with suggesting to her to get a job, cleaning his car or cleaning the dishes. But our spoiled step daughter here has excuses for every occasion. Now, Sophia notices that he got a hard on because her nipples keeps peaking from her clothes. She got an idea to get some money from the guy. They worked out a deal to make him cum for 50 bucks. Sounds like a great deal considering I got for a dance for 20 the other night. Anyway, this starts the fuck-deal between them. She starts off by sucking him off. She licks every nook and cranny of his crotch. She eventually reveal those nips that keeps peeking earlier. This might be wrong for them to do but fuck it, she has some nice tits. We think this can be justified by a certain degree. After removing all her clothes, she proceeds to ride that cock facing him, thus, giving a great view of her tits bouncing and her shaved pussy being fucked senseless. She sneaks in a little head and then faces the other way showing a whole other kind of beauty. Being a teen, she got a nice ass. This now escalated from her riding to her bending over to get fucked from behind. Step daddy has now the control. He pounds on Sophia’s pussy like his life depended on it. He eventually flipped her over to see her face and tits. He ended this god-forsaken deal by unloading his cum into Sophia’s mouth. This petty deal got Sophia’s face all messed up with spit and cum. Being a good girl, she made sure to swallow all of it.


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