Jenna Reid: Tricks Step Daddy


Being a cool is one of the most important things to get on when you’re raising some teens going through a phase. It’s almost impossible to do this considering that you need to be taken seriously most of the time. But what if… what if your stepdaughter catches you jacking off to her panties? How do you recover from that? And what if that stepdaughter blackmails you into doing things for her? So for another educational reenactment if such things happen in the future, we have Jenna Reid with her degenerate stepdaddy. Jenna Reid started this by confronting the stepdad about it. She knows he is embarrassed. She also knows that if anyone finds out what he was doing then he will be in a lot of trouble. Jenna won't even let her step dad explain himself. It is her turn to be in charge of the rules at the house. She makes it clear that he will do whatever she tells him. Her step daddy knows he is caught and has to comply. Jenna wants to cum. She wants to know what it feels like to be a grown up. She wants to be a big girl. She is going to have her step father show her everything, whether he likes it or not. The brunette teen works her way down to his cock. With little effort Jenna is able to make the grown man's shaft stand at attention. She sucks away at his hard cock until he can't control himself anymore. He doesn't care that she is his step daughter, he is going to fuck this Teen teenage slut. He instructs the Teen girl to drop her tight shaved pussy down on his cock. The slutty teen is happy to do so. She shows her tight asshole to him as she pulls his thick shaft with her cunt. There is no going back. The pair know this is now a special bond they share. They continue to fuck while Jenna's mom is out of the house. Jenna Reid opens her legs and tight teen pussy. She lays back and takes her step daddy's dick deep inside of her. The Teen slut cums while screaming to be fucked by her step dad. After bending over and taking his cock from behind, Jenna Reid wants to drink his cum. Her step dad has no choice. He gives the teen slut what she craves. A mouthful of thick, hot cum to drink down and swallow. We know that it snowballed in the weirdest way possible but there’s saying that goes “if you already drank the poison, you might as well lick the bottle clean.”


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