Trinity St Claire Caught In The Act


Trinity St. Clair


There are many ways to be a solid disappointment to your parents and when you’re on your way to be one, they are there to discipline the shit out of you. Like Trinity St. Claire here. She was caught touching herself by her step dad. That same man disciplines Trinity by making her suck his fat cock. Trinity tried talking her way out of it but standing up against the man of the house is unacceptable. So she just goes with it and start doing what he asks. Trinity comes over and step dad pulls out his cock. Trinity now start to lick and suck the little guy. She starts out slow but she does this for a long time, enough for him to be happy and motivated. Once he can’t take it anymore, Trinity takes all of her clothes off and bends over on the bed. Step dad now goes behind and starts embedding his fat cock into his step daughter. Even though she’s only a teen, this bitch has some serious stats on ass department. Being penetrated by a cock looks indulging enough so step dad gets his fill. He pounds on the teen shaved pussy for a while. They pause for a while to get that dick more wet by using Trinity’s mouth. He lies down and Trinity takes care of it. Afterwards, Trinity goes on top and starts shoving dick inside her. She goes up and down on that trampoline made out of her step dad’s dick. Eventually, she end up lying down and spreading her legs. Step dad follows suit and fucks Trinity with all he’s got. Even though it takes for a while, in the end, he was able to successfully ‘discipline’ his step daughter by spraying her body with his warm fluids. Cum colored her body in a spectacular manner.


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