Cherie Deville Plays Pretend


What’s the worst thing that might happen if your wife caught you checking out your step kid’s tits? In this case with this bad daddy, she gets his partner, Cherie Deville, acting like a spoiled step daughter to remedy this situation. Apparently, that’s the best thing to do in this kind of scenario. Once the step daughter leaves, Cherie gives the man a proper lecture on to not lust on his own daughter. Cherie goes on an extra mile to purge his lust or at least redirect some of it on her. She notices that his dick is already as hard as diamonds so she made him sit down. The weird foreplay begins. Cherie started acting like she’s twenty years younger with an attitude. She undresses her partner revealing a big fat cock triggered by his teenage step daughter’s tits. Cherie slowly gets the attention of that fat dick towards her by licking on it while saying dirty things to him. A dream combination. Cherie decides to move on to the real thing. She slowly takes off her bottoms. It was slow but the anticipation pays really good as it reveals a clean, shaved pussy and round ass. She turns around and slowly sits down on that fat cock, entering her pussy. These kinds of instances makes almost all of the viewers thank every god there is. Her perfect round ass is just so magnificent that it might bring tears to your eyes. It glorious, I tell you. The man knows how it is. So he made her bend over on the couch and have his way on her pussy. He pounds on that pussy like it’s the last thing he’ll do in this world. He pauses and let her suck it off for a while. She then lies down for the final act. He pounds it again but this time, with all his strength. Her tits can be the perfect measure of how hard he went at it. To perfectly top these kinds of things, the man burst out a stream of cum into her mouth and made her swallow almost all of it.


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